Next steps for West Park

03/20/2011 1:31 AM

03/20/2011 10:47 AM

West Park must deliver a draft environmental impact report, predicting how the project would affect people and nature, including traffic, air quality and farmland preservation analyses. Other elements:

1) Facilities plan. This outlines water, sewer, storm drains, roads and so on. A phasing plan would show a timeline for improvements. A finance plan explains how it all gets paid for.

2) Feasibility study. This crunches costs against benefits such as jobs and tax revenue. It also analyzes the market, showing how the project would stack up against competition.

3) Revenue neutrality study. This predicts whether income from the project would cover government costs for public services such as fire protection, law enforcement and garbage.

4) Specific plan. This applies the county’s General Plan policies to a defined area.

Developer Gerry Kamilos has promised to update the Board of Supervisors every three months and to reach out to West Side agencies and community groups. After the board meeting, he arranged to brief mayors and city managers of Patterson and Newman. His staff will schedule meetings with local school, water, fire and health care districts, he said., an opposition group, is not available for another week or so, he said.

“I’m trying to figure a way that we can trust anything you say.” — Jim DeMartini

“I believe you’ve demonstrated over a period of time that you can get things done.” — Dick Monteith

“There is nothing to back up whether this is a viable project or not.” — Terry Withrow

“Mr. Kamilos is current on all his financial commitments to the county. West Park has been a good partner.” — Rick Robinson

“He was criticized before for making it too big. Now he’s criticized for shrinking it.” — Bill O’Brien

“After hearing from Patterson residents you have your work cut out for you. You see the frustration around here.” — Vito Chiesa

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