How to spa like a Swiss in five nearly easy lessons

Travel to Switzerland is most vividly about enjoying the outdoors: skiing or hiking in the Alps, taking boat rides on blue lakes and rivers, or just walking and shopping your way through historic towns and cities. Cafes, restaurants and museums can fill rainy or snowy days, but for a culture built in healthy measure on sport and fitness, the indoor complement to the athletic outdoors is the spa.


He keeps the mules clip-clopping on

On a chilly morning near the Grand Canyon's busy Bright Angel trailhead, a man with muddy boots, cowboy hat, bulging cheek and drooping mustache fixed his gaze on a handful of nervously smiling tourists.


Faux ruin offers towering view

Because it's 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village, Desert View isn't on the park's shuttle bus routes, and many travelers don't get there. But it's a great stop for at least two reasons.

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