Free skiing for kids keeps families on their toes

As the thermometer drops in the Roaring Fork Valley, sport shop clerks, restaurant owners and hotel managers in the town of Aspen study the sky, eager for signs of winter. Grey days are promising; black clouds could bring the season's first big snow.


On Florida's Amelia Island, a mix of tranquility and history

A sliver of light peeked between the drapes of my hotel room and woke me. The sun was not yet above the horizon, and I watched a shrimp boat move slowly across the water, the arms holding its trawl nets spread wide. I squinted, looking for the halo of seabirds that follow a working shrimp boat, but the view was blurry in the dim light, as if the day was not yet ready to come into focus.


A vacation with that beer, please

MINNEAPOLIS-Lisa Faletti-Watkins was wearing a hat from Fulton Brewery in Minneapolis. The growler in front of her wife, Sarah, was wrapped in a cozy from the Pitchfork Brewing in Hudson, Wis., one of the many places they visited from their Cottage Grove home in search of the best local beer.


Play in the mud on the Netherland's north coast

We'd been trudging across the mud flats at low tide for about 20 minutes with only the gentle crunch of footsteps when a loud sucking sound sliced the air. In almost perfect unison I lurched forward into the oyster-colored mud with a yip. Elbows forward and hands skyward to protect an assortment of cameras, a rush of squishy, sulfury mud met me halfway, cushioning my fall and releasing fumes that would knock over a camel.

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