Jeff Kahler: Hound’s blue-tinged eyes a sign of vision problems

Alan has a 9-year-old Basset hound named Hank who seems to be having trouble seeing. Over the past three months or so Hank seems tentative when walking, especially in unfamiliar areas. The problem seems worse at night. When Alan has looked at Hank’s eyes, he has noticed a blue color and wondered if this might be a cataract.


Lusitano horse breeder's mission: Educate public on all things equine

ST. CHARLES, Ill. - A stallion twitches his nose and bats his long eyelashes for a visitor who has apples in her pockets. Four yearlings play tag to expend their adolescent energy. A pair of brood mares stretch while enjoying a nap in dewy grass. Lisa Diersen can't finish a sentence without being upstaged by the horses in her paddocks.

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