At Tokyo cafes, patrons get coffee or tea and face time with felines, other pets

TOKYO - Pity the poor office worker. It's midafternoon, and taking a break probably means sneaking off to the vending machine for a soda, or at best slipping out for coffee. But what about those who crave cuddle time with a cat? Or maybe a snuggle session with a bunny? A cappuccino in the company of an owl might be a hoot. Or perhaps a green tea alongside a goat....


Jeff Kahler: Biopsy results are good news for yellow Lab

When last we “spoke,” our subject was Annie, a 9-year-old yellow Labrador retriever who had presented to our veterinary hospital for an annual physical examination. She was her normal happy self, always wanting to please as we went through the examination.


Jeff Kahler: Routine exam turns into emergency surgery

Annie walked into the exam room just like she had been doing for the past nine years, rear end wagging back and forth with her tail keeping time. She had a big smile on her face and lowered her head as always to make it as easy as possible to pet her head. It was time for her annual physical examination.

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