Jeff Kahler: Now that it’s turning cold, reptiles take a turn toward hibernation

Have you noticed? It’s colder outside and the drop in temperature has been relatively sudden. This type of temperature change doesn’t cause too much trouble for us warm-blooded creatures but that is not the case for the poikilothermic ectotherm group. These creatures can’t make their own body heat and their body temperatures are the same as the temperatures of their environment.


Jeff Kahler: Obesity is a huge problem in our four-legged friends

Kyle from Modesto writes in to express some frustration he is having trying to get some weight off his dog, AJ. AJ is an 8-year-old Basset hound who has become quite overweight. Kyle had AJ neutered about 18 months ago and it seems AJ has gotten heavier ever since. Even with the use of a “lite” formula diet, AJ has continued to put on weight and Kyle is concerned.


Lisa Moore: Celebrating Thanksgiving with your dog and family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and perhaps your relatives have already invaded – er – arrived. I have always been an animal lover, but it is by no means a family trait. So with family members sharing your household with your dogs this holiday season, how best to integrate them both? Here are a few ideas:

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