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Plumber: Pot-fillers an efficient kitchen add

Q: Dear Ed, I love to cook in my recently remodeled kitchen. Between my appliances and plumbing, it is nearly perfect. I say nearly because I overlooked one item that would make it the perfect space. I forgot all about a pot-filler faucet next to the stovetop for filling large pots with water. Without turning it into huge project, can a pot-filler still be added to a completed kitchen?

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Home Fix: Installing a high efficiency furnace

Q: My heating bills are getting out of control, so I called a company to look at my furnace. They suggested I buy a new high efficiency furnace. The price was for the furnace and installation using the existing ducts. For newer ducts the price would be almost double. Do I need new ducts as well?

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For Your Home: Casual dining rooms say welcome

Your dining rooms can become boring, unused spaces if you're not careful. Too many of us seem to think having a formal dining room means it has to be furnished with traditional, matching furniture. Well, keep your dining room, but relax the style so it gets some action more than now and then.

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Yardsmart: 6 tips for growing vegetable seeds indoors

Children thrive when they're raised in a clean environment, when they're well fed and allowed a good deal of outdoor exercise. Growing vegetable seeds in containers at your house requires the very same conditions. Most failures of seeds sown indoors can be traced back to failure to provide one or more of these simple requirements.

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