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10/03/2011 6:29 PM

10/03/2011 6:30 PM

Too many running blogs out there focus on the banalities of the running experience, or lame "tips" that any self-respecting runner would already know.

That's why it's nice to have an online destination as fun to read as the JogBlog running blog (http://www.jog-blog.co.uk).

Don't let the generic name fool you — the site, which is run by Cathy White, a British Web designer and runner (though she admits she's not running "most of the time"), is a completely fresh take on the hobby.

She writes irreverently, sometimes spending entire posts on wildly tangential rants that, even if they don't necessarily go anywhere, provide a fair amount of laughs.

By imbuing her posts with her specific sense of humor, White's blog never comes across as either too self-serious or too private.

There's more to the site than the blog, as well.

White has one section for gadgets, where she counts off everything she takes with her on a run, and another where she posts various healthy recipes.

That section isn't entirely connected to the blog's main conceit, but it's nice for a bit of variation.

Combine this personal view of running with the occasional entry where White actually details her experiences participating in a race, and you have a well-rounded Web site.

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