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October 3, 2011

Feel good about feeling good

Try these exercises to feel good about feeling good.

Try these exercises to feel good about feeling good:

Reframe the way you think about your choices.

If you have to make yourself work out regularly, write a list of all the things you enjoy about exercising.

Examples: I love the energy I have after running, I love being able to fit into my favorite clothes, I can balance on one foot thanks to yoga.

Do what's best for you — not just what you think you should do.

In one recent experiment, researchers offered people a choice between a gift certificate for groceries and one for spa services.

The people who made the "financially sensible" choice (groceries) were then angrier than the people who picked the spa certificate.

If you can afford to visit a spa, you shouldn't deny yourself the trip because someone else might consider it frivolous.

Allow yourself the occasional indulgence, and indulge in things that have some health benefits.

Upgrade to whole-wheat pasta, or choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate for the antioxidant boost.

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