Wrapping up year six

10/22/2013 1:16 PM

10/22/2013 1:17 PM

Before I submitted my first Wine Line column in 2007, I asked my wife to edit it. She spent 22 years in the classroom teaching composition and British literature to high school seniors. She knows her stuff.

After reading my column, she said she liked my voice (?) but there were too many run-on sentences.

I was quite upset, because granted, she knows grammar and all that, but reading an essay on “Hamlet” or “Beowulf” is way different than reading a wine column, and I’m sure there are many wine lovers out there who would agree with me on this point, I know, because the process of explaining the complexities of wine is not easy because ...

Boy, I’m really glad she set me straight on run-ons.

In my column, I refer to my wife as the editor. This has caused a bit of confusion among some readers. When I wrote “the editor and I spent three lovely nights in beautiful Anderson Valley,” some readers thought I was with the real editor, a man, who is a nice guy, but not my type. To avoid future confusion, I need a new name for my editor. If you have any ideas, let me know.

As a joke, I suggested the “wine wench.” She didn’t laugh.

White, pink and bubbly table selections

My favorite pink wine (rose) this year was the French 2012 Saint Roche Les Vignes ($9.99, Costco) and my favorite sparkling wine was Segura Viudas Cava from Spain ($7.99, World Market). There were plenty of 2012 sauvignon blancs in the $10 range that made our table: Cupcake, Starborough and Geyser Peak in the New Zealand style, and Dry Creek Vineyard and Kenwood, leaning more toward the California style.

Two chenin blancs that made our table were Pine Ridge (15 percent viognier) and Dry Creek Vineyard. Four outstanding value wines to look for are the 2012 Trader Moon viognier ($4.99, Trader Joe’s), Barefoot Moscato, Barefoot sauvignon blanc and the 2011 Big House White. If I don’t mention the price or where the wine was purchased, that means it’s readily available in the major markets, under $15 and an excellent QPR (quality to price ratio).

In my last column, I neglected to mention where I bought the two best deals/steals; the Washington state 2008 Three Rivers cabernet sauvignon, $9.99 and the Paso Robles 2008 Niner Estates syrah, $7.99. They were purchased at the Grocery Outlet in Merced.

I’m always looking for a good wine deal and if I find it, I’ll let you know. If bargain wine hunting is your thing, you can go to a fun website where serious bloggers review the wines they’ve purchased at the Grocery Outlet. The website is www.grossoutwine . word press.com.

Happy wine hunting, I’ll be back in two weeks.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Find me on Facebook or at rgwinton@yahoo.com.

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