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Q: "I don't get up on north Broadway too often, but the other day I was surprised to find Dyne Quik closed and for sale. Any idea what happened?!” --P. Keen

A: — Owner Richard Jack, who bought the building at 1202 N. Broadway in 2011, remodeled it and opened it as Lil Joe's Dyne Quick, closed it in February after only nine months in business. He said at the time that the neighborhood attracted a bad element that was interfering with his business. Dyne Quick is one of just a few of Wichita's remaining Valentine diners, which are metal, mobile buildings made between 1938 and 1971.

Question of the week: Which Kansas State Fair food do you try to never miss?

And a few answers to my most recent question: What style of food truck is Wichita lacking?

"My new obsession is the deep fried oreos. I tried the fried Kool-aid last year. I'm not a fan. And I'm always a sucker for a Pronto Pup." --Pro_Wichita

"Years ago it was the sour cream raisin pie served by the South Hutchinson United Methodist Church." --Ralph Decker

"Bierock and an apple dumpling (a la mode ,of course) from the cafe in the Pride of Kansas Building. And a trip to the fair isn't complete unless I have a Monkey Shine, (cube of ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped peanuts) found outside the Domestic Arts building." --William Pyles

"Funnel cakes!" --Shannon Wedge

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