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Wine Line: Wine thoughts and wine walks

One of the most common mistakes people make when tasting wine is to confuse the fruitiness of a wine with sweetness. Sweetness in wine means only one thing; the amount of sugar left in the juice after the fermentation stops. It is referred to as residual sugar or R.S. When tasting wine, your tongue really can only taste sweet (sugar), sour (acids) and bitter (tannins). Fruitiness is the tendency of wine to taste and smell of fruit. When the fruit is sweet, like cherries or plums, tasters often mistake the fruitiness for sweetness.

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Russ Winton: Sebastopol’s cool vibe

The Navigator and I hadn’t spent time in Sebastopol. We’d driven through many times but never stopped. We did recently and we both want to return. It’s a small town on the western edge of Sonoma County, known for Gravenstein apples and its quaint downtown. A stroll on Main Street will reveal a full array of unique shops, even a tiny live theater with the lobby serving as a tasting room for the Hook & Ladder Winery. Very cool.

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Wine Line: Chillin’ on hot summer nights

I have finally found a solution to my “Novinophobia,” a condition manifested by a fear of running out of wine. Two Target Wine Cubes now fit neatly on the top shelf of my garage refrigerator, once occupied by a bowl of moldy chili beans and a half-empty jar of pickled something.

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