Skyler: Musings on an overly photographed life

I didn't take a photo of my daughter this morning before I dropped her off to begin seventh grade. It wasn't really a conscious decision. We had to leave pretty early, and I spilled a smoothie on the corner of my husband's keyboard, which set us back a bit, and we were both generally worried about making it to school on time. Also, it seems indecent to take a photo before 7 a.m. somehow. So, no photo.


New technologies analyze brain chemistry to develop treatments for autism

When Matthew Gonzalez was 8 months old, his pediatrician noticed that he was having difficulty moving. Matthew lacked muscle tone and wasn't breastfeeding properly. His grandfather, a medical pathologist, suggested Matthew's parents, Oscar Gonzalez and Mercedes Ubaga, take him to what was known then as Miami Children's Hospital. He was evaluated there and eventually diagnosed with a severe case of autism. He has been a patient there ever since.

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