Game tips: 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' releases this April

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," the Nintendo Switch version of the popular Nintendo racer, is coming to the Switch on April 28. Nintendo has finally let loose some additional details spelling out exactly what kind of new content we can expect to see from the game when it finally makes its debut on the latest console and handheld hybrid from the big N.


Parents @ Play: It's all connected

Whether you're putting together a puzzle, building a tower, looking for a new job, or just hanging out with your kids, life is all about connections. This week, we reviewed four unique ways you and your family can use physical connections to build stronger emotional ones.


Chatting with the cast of the new 'Power Rangers' movie

Recently, we saw the new "Power Rangers" movie. The movie started by explaining the history of the Power Rangers and how they came to be Power Rangers. Jason (the Red Ranger, played by Dacre Montgomery), Billy (Blue, RJ Cyler), Trini (Yellow, Becky G.), Zack (Black, Ludi Lin) and (Pink, Naomi Scott) are high school students in the town of Angel Grove. Each of the characters has a unique personality and is not accepted by their peers. They all have problems or insecurities that prevent them from being too friendly and outgoing.


Book review: 'Children of Eden'

Internet phenomenon and YouTube personality Joey Graceffa has been telling stories in his videos for several years. He is the author of a memoir "In Real Life," and now a teen novel, "Children of Eden" (Keywords Press).


Ex-etiquette: It's time for a change

Q: My kids' father and I do a pretty good job of co-parenting, but he does one thing that really bugs me - he NEVER returns the kids' clothes. I ask him for them and he tells me I'm nuts. His house is a black hole. I've gotten to the point that I make them change before they go to his home. What's good ex-etiquette?


Living with Children: Differing parenting styles are a point of contention

Once again, a reader proves that parenting must be added to religion and politics as verboten subjects for polite conversation. A column I published back in December of 2016 went viral recently - yes, three months later (such things are mysteries to me). In it, I proposed that parents, not children, are the most important people in a family and that the husband-wife relationship, not the parent-child relationship, should be first and foremost.


App review: Fire Emblem Heroes fun for newbies and genre veterans

Parents need to know that Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play Japanese role-playing app based on the popular, long-running "Fire Emblem" video game series. The app employs an anime art style that includes busty young women in sexy outfits spouting flirty tag lines. Non-bloody combat is the basis of gameplay, with hero collection as the player's secondary goal. Players can friend each other and battle online, with players over 13 encouraged to create and link a Nintendo account to the app. The easy-to-read privacy policy states that the app allows third-party partners to collect data for analytical and marketing purposes. For full details regarding the sorts of information Nintendo collects, read the complete privacy policy.


5 ways to get kids to put down their devices

"Just a sec," say nine out of 10 parents answering an email when their kid asks them for something. If it's hard for us to jump out of the digital world, just imagine you're 3 and the lines between fantasy and reality are already blurred - then throw in a super-engaging, colorful, fun, immersive experience. Or you're 5 and each episode of "Mutt & Stuff" on the Nick Jr. app is better than the last. Or you're 8 and you're almost finished building something amazing in Minecraft. Why would you ever want to stop?


People Protest Possible Repeal of Affordable Care Act

People protest a favorable GOP vote on the American Health Care Act Thursday outside Rep Jeff Denham's district office in Salida, Calif. Video By: Joan Barnett Lee & Ken Carlson
People Protest Possible Repeal of Affordable Care Act 1:21

People Protest Possible Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Concerns raised over threat to senior meals in Stanislaus County 1:05

Concerns raised over threat to senior meals in Stanislaus County

Turlock 2017 State of the City Address 0:49

Turlock 2017 State of the City Address

Stanislaus Sports Weekly: Start of spring season 3:43

Stanislaus Sports Weekly: Start of spring season