4 secrets of Jewish parenting

Through all the hoopla about the parenting secrets of Asian Tiger Moms whose children practice piano for hours and French moms whose children happily tuck into four-course meals, I kept wondering: When are we going to start talking about Jewish moms?


Lori Borgman: Keeping secrets is a gift

It's no secret that there are people who can keep secrets and people who can't. There are people who can keep things in the vault until the day they die and people whose vault door constantly swings open.


Ex-etiquette: Approach holidays differently after divorce

Q: Although my husband grew up with divorced parents, I did not, but recently my parents also divorced and all are now with new partners or remarried. This means my husband and I have to travel to four different homes around the holidays. My husband takes this in his stride, but I'm stressing because we have a two year old and all this traveling on one day will be too much for him - plus coordinating with sisters and brothers is impossible. Do you have any ideas for families who want to celebrate together but face divorced mothers, fathers, and extended family? What's good ex-etiquette?


Ask Mr. Dad: The scientific case for the five-second rule

Dear Mr. Dad: We're a few months away from becoming parents for the first time and we've been sanitizing our house to prepare it for our baby. We've got antibacterial soaps all over the place - no one's going to touch our baby with dirty hands! We're planning to give away our dog - we've had him for a long time and he's very sweet, but we're afraid that our new baby will develop allergies. What else should we be doing to clean up?


Chris Erskine: Turning 60 calls for a checkup with Dr. Steve

My internist, Dr. Steve, who has established a first-rate medical practice out of the trunk of an aging Cadillac Eldorado, now offers Happy Hour pricing. Which is fortunate. Noting that my mind is mush and that my heart pings like a glockenspiel, Dr. Steve insists that I always have a physician present on those rare occasions when I'm out on the town.


Family Meals Matter: A healthy Halloween trick

Any holiday celebrated nearly entirely with candy can be scary for parents and teachers alike. Our favorite Halloween trick is to enjoy a healthy family meal before heading out for treats. Children are less likely to overeat candy when they are already full from a healthy dinner.


New Halloween candy and more sweet treats

Halloween seeps into every nook and cranny of everyday life during October. After all, pumpkin is in everything these days. So whether you're looking for fun, new candies to hand out on Halloween or other spooky treats to spice up the season, here are new products hitting store shelves this year.


Apps and games that challenge gender norms

The days of puppy dog tails and sugar and spice may be fading, but being born a girl or boy still carries certain expectations. And while what's expected from both genders has become more flexible over the years, we can still see the "rules" revealed in what's deemed newsworthy, like Alicia Keys not wearing makeup or Jaden Smith wearing a skirt.


Physical Downey handles Modesto 26-6

Malcolme Green scored two touchdowns and the Downey High defense shut down Modesto as the Knights beat the Panthers 26-6 to clinch at least a share of the Modesto Metro Conference title on Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, in Modesto, Calif. (Brian Clark/
Physical Downey handles Modesto 26-6 2:11

Physical Downey handles Modesto 26-6

Downey reacts to victory over Modesto 2:09

Downey reacts to victory over Modesto

Denair shuts out Delhi 0:38

Denair shuts out Delhi

Sights and sounds from Downey-Modesto 2:16

Sights and sounds from Downey-Modesto