How has The Donald ducked life's lessons?

Okay, every time I hear Donald Trump say something mean or ugly, I have to ask - where is this boy's mother? Has he not been taught the basic rules of respect? Because I have a nine year-old who has better manners.


Child Sense: Too young to go to camp

Summer can be very exciting for all, especially older siblings who relish the new experiences summer camp brings. However, it can be very easy to underestimate the anxiety and loneliness a young child can feel when their older sibling is away. Young children don't have a concrete understanding of time, and their immaturity makes it hard for them to believe their sibling's absence is temporary. Keep them busy, do something special, and use this time to connect with your younger child.


Game review: 'Skylanders Trap Team' is an awesome toy-driven adventure for kids

Parents need to know that "Skylanders: Trap Team" is an action/adventure game in which kids control fantastical creatures, each of which has its own real-world toy counterpart. Players fight a variety of non-human enemies as they try to protect Skylands from a group of escaped villains. The shtick this time around is that kids can pull these villains out of the game and "trap" them in plastic crystals, then summon them as playable characters when needed. Like other "Skylanders" games, the cartoon violence is frequent but relatively mild. Characters use weapons including swords, guns, and magic in their attacks, but defeated enemies simply fall to the ground and disappear. Keep in mind that "Skylanders: Trap Team" will tempt kids to buy additional toys to enhance the game experience. Kids can use their existing collection of "Skylanders" toys from previous games to help limit costs, but they'll need to spend at least $125 beyond the price of the starter pack to be able to unlock all of the game's secret areas and special quests.

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