Lean In: Amy Janes, COO

I'll never forget when my parents called to tell me that they had just lost everything, including their ability to pay my out of state tuition. I was really social at Penn State University, leaning way back, taking advantage of their support. I was a sophomore in college who had failed out of three majors by this time but really didn't care.


Everything you need to know about the gun control debate

Turn on the news or log onto social media - stories of gun violence are everywhere. In each case, innocent people are killed, which creates waves of public outcry for stricter gun control laws. The debate over gun control has two opposing sides, each supported by politicians and other public figures. Although the issue is time-sensitive, the controversial nature of the debate continues to stall new legislation in the capital.


Teen Success Inc. helps teen moms

Facing some of the nation's highest rates of teen pregnancy in the central San Joaquin Valley, Teen Success, Inc. is working hard to support teenage mothers and reduce those numbers.


Parents @ Play: Halloween can be more than buckets of leftover candy

In the grand scheme of things, Halloween is a pretty minor holiday. No question, kids love it because they can get dressed up, knock on strangers' doors and bring back their weight in candy. And plenty of adults love it, too, in part because they get to wear costumes to work and put bowls of candy on their desk. But as fun as it is, Halloween isn't a holiday that many families celebrate together, and on November 1, it's all over but the chocolate. This week we take a look at a few items that your whole family can enjoy for longer than a day, and that can also help make Halloween more of a family experience.


Ask Mr. Dad: Supporting Mr. New Guy

Dear Mr. Dad: I just heard that my ex-wife is moving in with her boyfriend. We've been divorced for nearly two years and she wasn't cheating on me, but I'm furious. Plus, I'm worried about how this is going to affect my kids and my relationship with them. Why am I so upset, and what do you suggest that I do?

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