Family Meals Matter: Eggcellent

A common sight in the refrigerator case of your local grocery, eggs belong to the protein-packed meat, beans and nuts food group. Each individual egg provides a variety of vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and antioxidants, all for 70 calories. According to the American Egg Board, the nutrients in eggs can play a role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, brain function, eye health and more.


The benefits of eating together as a family

Did you know that sharing meal times as a family is good for kids? Family meal time is the glue that holds busy families together. The interaction that takes place over meal times keeps kids grounded and parents in touch with their kids' victories and struggles on a regular basis.


Child Sense: Explaining bullying behavior to your child

As parents and adults we like to quantify bullying as a behavior that can be neatly placed in a nice category of set behaviors, unfortunately bullying is rather a subjective thing with many variables. What one child may find funny another may find embarrassing, and when the usual child behaviors are coupled with a lack of understanding of emotional consequences, it's very easy for both parents and children to be confused. After studying for many years how children assimilate information and how this effects behavior I find that it is just as important to explain to the child demonstrating bullying behavior as well as the child who is being bullied what and why certain behaviors make others feel bad and why some people are sensitive to some things while others are not. The senses are a great place to start for an easy explanation.


36 reasons modern love makes me feel old-fashioned

Reading the New York Time's "Modern Love" essay, it referenced psychologist Arthur Aron's study of whether intimacy between two strangers can be achieved by having them ask each other 36 questions. That's cool, a little Q and A, just some simple questions to get to know somebody ...


Lean In: Deb Gruenfeld, board member

I am a professor at Stanford University in the Graduate School of Business, 25 years in to my career as an academic. Before coming to Stanford, I spent 7 years at Northwestern University working toward getting tenure, and I spent five years before that getting my PhD in psychology. Today, I have a full research agenda and am engaged in research projects with colleagues all over the world. I teach the most impressive and demanding MBA students anywhere, direct executive education programs at Stanford and consult with executives in a variety of industries in Silicon Valley. I am also increasingly engaged in projects relating to the administration and function of the business school and the university. To state the obvious, perhaps, I am leaning in at work.

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