June 25, 2014

Question of the Week: ABC has in the works a crime drama set in Modesto, titled “American Crime.” If you were a TV writer or exec, what show – scripted or “reality” – would you set in this area, what would you cal

Dominique Germann, sophomore, Modesto Junior College

Dominique Germann, sophomore, Modesto Junior College

Two options: One, bring back “Leverage”! Of course, I would have to be in it. Two, have an agriculturally based Q&A show that would answer everything that the public wants to know about their food.

Nick Mitchell, junior, Central Valley High School

I’d create a reality show called “The Real California” and I’d pick random citizens in the area to be the stars of the show and would follow them around in their daily life. While it would be super boring, I think people in other states should understand that California is not like what you see on “90210.” Most people in the state have real jobs, real struggles and live paycheck to paycheck. Life is not glamorous for us just because we’re Californians.

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