June 18, 2014

13 Things You Should Know About Me: Carlos Iniguez, junior, Turlock High School

1. Biggest fear: iOS 8

1. Biggest fear: iOS 8

2. Color of clothing I wear the most: Blue

3. Dream job: Apple engineer

4. Farthest I’ve ever traveled: Washington state

5. Favorite electronic device: iPhone

6. Favorite sport: Tennis

7. Favorite website:

8. Last movie I watched: “Sharknado”

9. Longest car trip I’ve ever taken: To Seattle

10. Song stuck in my head: “Love Runs Out,” by OneRepublic

11. What I do in my free time: Study hard

12. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would visit: France

13. Whom I can’t live without: The Subway employees who make my delicious sandwiches

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