Question of the Week: If the city of Modesto were to lift the ban on cruising, do you think teens would embrace it as the “American Graffiti” generation did? It was a popular weekend night activity through the 1980s.

06/11/2014 12:00 AM

06/10/2014 2:27 PM

Mark Borges, junior, Hughson High School

It would definitely be interesting to see if our generation would actually try this activity. I think we’d see a lot more old-timers cruising down McHenry trying to relive their youthful days than we would teenagers.

Nick Mitchell, junior, Central Valley High School

I don’t believe that teenagers would embrace the cruising culture like early generations did. I doubt people would think cruising down McHenry would be fun.

Dominique Germann, sophomore, Modesto Junior College

I already see enough tiny 1980s Honda Civics “cruising” through Modesto. Well, those are actually 30-year-olds.

Taylor Menezes, graduate, Central Catholic High School

I know I would!

James Tyner, senior, Enochs High School

Modern teens don’t have a love affair with cars like our predecessors did, and today it’s difficult even to find the means to afford a car – plus insurance and gas – without parental assistance. Cars today are less of a societal statement than they are a tool or a utility. Sure, some cars are more fashionable than others, but “cruisin’ McHenry” doesn’t have quite the romance that it used to.

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