May 21, 2014

Question of the Week: We’ve had some pretty hot days of late. Which do you deal with better, hot or cold weather?

Dominique Germann, freshman, Modesto Junior College

Dominique Germann, freshman, Modesto Junior College

I can deal with the cold by wearing scarves and coats, but I feel like it is harder to cope with the heat. Although I do like summer way more than winter.

Toshali Katyal, junior, Modesto High

I personally enjoy hot weather much more than cooler temperatures. Firstly, it is much healthier because sunlight exposure increases our body’s vitamin D levels. When the weather is pleasant outside, we are naturally more motivated to spend time outdoors and hence exercise. Warmer weather also leads to sweating, which is very important to keeping a healthy body system. Apart from health and scientific reasons, I love wearing shorts, being comfortable and swimming outdoors, and warm temperatures allow me to do just that!

Taylor Menezes, senior, Central Catholic High School

I definitely deal with cold weather better. You can layer clothes, drink hot drinks and go on snow trips. In the heat, sure, you can drink lemonade or jump in the pool to cool off, but you’re limited on clothes. You can strip down only to a certain level before it becomes public indecency; and even then you’re still hot.

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