May 7, 2014

13 Things You Should Know About Me

13 Things You Should Know About Me: Nina Sherwood, sophomore. Turlock High School.

1. Color of clothing I wear the most: Black

2. Dream job: Business owner

3. Song stuck in my head: “All of Me,” by John Legend

4. Weirdest dream: That I was being robbed, was captured and managed to escape.

5. Favorite place I’ve been: The Bahamas

6. Favorite ice cream: Rocky road

7. Favorite movie: “Safe Haven”

8. Favorite website: Pinterest

9. First thing I notice about people: Their smile

10. If I had a superpower, it would be: Ability to read minds

11. Last thing I ate: Honey Comb Cereal

12. My idol: My Mom

13. Biggest fear: Losing my family

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