13 Things You Should Know About Me: Abraham Galvan

04/30/2014 12:00 AM

04/29/2014 1:51 PM

1. Favorite food: Bread Pakora!

2. Dream job: Pediatrician

3. Song Stuck In My Head: “Don’t Need Ya’ll,” by Iggy Azalea

4. Life plans: To have a stable job and give back to the community

5. Guilty pleasure: Rainbow Twizzlers (a whole bag of them)

6. Weirdest things in my pocket: Carmex, three Chapsticks and one Nivea Lip Balm

7. Favorite childhood memory: Picnicking in my front yard with my mom

8. Most embarrassing moment: I spelled “fox” wrong in third grade

9. Latest obsession: Beyoncé

10. Must see TV show: “The Voice”

11. Favorite book: “The Kitchen God’s Wife,” by Amy Tan

12. Biggest fear: Heights

13. If I had a superpower, it would be: To walk through solid objects!

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