March 13, 2014

Question of the Week: If just one or the other would keep you fit, would you rather eat healthy or exercise regularly?

Toshali Katyal, junior, Modesto High

Toshali Katyal, junior, Modesto High

To keep healthy, it is essential to find a balance in doing both. However, if I had to choose between maintaining a healthy diet and exercising routinely, I would go for eating healthy. Following a strictly healthy diet ensures not only weight control, but also disease prevention. Without a healthy diet, we would not be able to function actively.

Nick Mitchell, sophomore, Central Valley High

If I had to chose between eating healthy or exercising daily, I’d chose exercising. Exercising is way easier then eating healthy. I just love fast food too much to give it up.

Dominique Germann, freshman, Modesto Junior College

Hard question. ... I think I am pretty happy with just having to balance both.

Gabriella Germann, sophomore, Central Valley

I would want to exercise because doing so always makes me feel amazing and I never have any regrets after!

Taylor Menezes, senior, Central Catholic High School

I’d choose exercising because I actually really enjoy working out when I have time to do so; eating healthy is a little harder because there’s always that piece of candy or that fatty pasta there to tempt you.

Brooke Anderson, senior, Ceres High School

Oh, I wish only one method would keep me fit in real life. Sigh. Considering that exercising is what I do on an everyday basis, I would love it if being active were the only thing I had to do to keep myself in shape. Let’s be real, I don’t have any desire to eat healthy foods because in real life, there is In-N-Out Burger. And no one can pass up In-N-Out.

Ellen Zheng, freshman, Modesto High School

I would choose to exercise regularly to stay fit. I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to eat healthy all the time. But also because I don’t think I can stick to a strict diet.

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