February 12, 2014

13 Things You Should Know About Me: Ranelle Denae Prescott

1. Favorite movie: “The Avengers”

1. Favorite movie: “The Avengers”

2. Favorite TV show: “Scandal”

3. Favorite music group: The Johansen Viking Singers!

4. Favorite clothing brand: Hollister

5. Dream job: Choir director

6. Favorite animal: Slow loris

7. Favorite car: Audi

8. Favorite color: Baby blue

9. Hobby: Singing

10. Favorite food: Chicken Caesar salad

11. Favorite book: “Pride and Prejudice”

12. Favorite summer activity: Swimming and going to the beach

13. Favorite thing to do in Modesto: Go to the movies and the mall

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