January 29, 2014

Question of the Week: Psyched for the Super Bowl? Will you be watching, and if so, for what? To cheer on a team? To root against a team? For the ads? For the Bruno Mars halftime show?

Taylor Menezes, senior, Central Catholic High School

Taylor Menezes, senior, Central Catholic High School

Our Super Bowl party is usually at my house, so I’ll come out of my room every once in a while to watch a commercial or snag some snacks. Other than that, I don’t even try to pretend like I understand football.

Dominique Germann, freshman, Modesto Junior College

Keeping my eyes peeled for the Jaguar and Oikos commercials! Then they will go right back to being shut.

Shelby Sutter, junior, Enochs High School

The ads! Duh. Who cares about the game?

Gabriella Germann, sophomore, Central Valley High

I’ll be with the family to watch the game. I’m not too interested about the actual football part, but I don’t mind watching and the commercials are a plus.

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