Austin Larsson, junior, Davis High School

08/28/2013 12:00 AM

08/28/2013 7:33 AM

1. Favorite movie: ‘‘The Breakfast Club’’

2. Favorite musical artists and bands: Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Tim McGraw and the Zac Brown Band

3. Hobbies: 4-H, hanging out with friends and family, and playing baseball

4. What I want to be: An ag teacher or a sports trainer

5. Dream car: An old Chevy truck

6. Biggest fear: Definitely spiders!

7. Guilty pleasure: Ice cream – preferably Moose Tracks

8. Favorite Disney princess: Belle

9. If I could be a celebrity, I’d be: Adam Sandler or Matt Kemp

10. Favorite cereal: Cap’n Crunch

11. The weirdest thing in my backpack right now: A tie-dyed piece of paper for a science experiment

12. Secret talent: Singing

13. Favorite type of cheese: Swiss

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