September 12, 2012

My Favorite Outfit: Karissa and Erika Wright

Karissa Wright and Erika Wright, Valley Charter High School

Erika Wright, 16, junior

Pants: I got these online from Chachi Gonzalez, my favorite dancer. Her Web site is

Necklace: Karissa got this in Kansas City and gave it to me for my 16th birthday.

Ring: My parents gave purity rings to both of us for Christmas two years ago.

Shirt: I bought this shirt at Forever 21. It’s so comfortable!

Karissa Wright, 17, senior

Shirt: I got this from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Lanyard: I got this from Disneyland over the summer. I like it because it has pictures from my favorite video game, “Super Mario Bros.”

Hair feathers: Erika gave these to me for Christmas. I’m trying to bring back the style!

Bracelet: I got this from Mexico, when I went on a mission trip with my church in ninth grade.

Necklace: It’s from Tilly’s at the mall. I love birds!

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