November 3, 2009

My Favorite Outfit

Junior, Johansen High School

Junior, Johansen High School

Interviewed by
Edgar Sanchez, Teens in the Newsroom

Paula: "We met at our community pool in sixth grade and we became best friends in our freshman year. We're just complete opposites!"

Hannah: "Paula is my best friend and we are total opposites. Even so, everyone mixes up our names."



Shirt: I got this flannel shirt and undershirt from my sister, Carrie, for my 16th birthday.

Ripped Jeans: I got these at PacSun. I love the vintage style look that they portray. This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans.

Flip Flops: I got these from the Payless in San Francisco. They're very pretty and comfortable and they match my outfit.

Fingernails: They're 'Cranberry Red' and I painted them with my best friend Hannah.



Shirt: I love wearing flannel shirts because they remind me of when I was a baby and I would cuddle in my daddy's shirt all the time. They give me a sense of calmness.

Pants: I love these pants because of the paint splattered on them. It symbolizes my love for art and my artistic talent.

Shoes: I love my Vans even though they're faded. I've had them since my freshman year and they're so comfortable because I've worked them so much! I haven't seen anybody at school with the same ones.

Bracelets: Every time I make a bracelet, I put it on my wrist. I eventually give them away to people but I enjoy looking down at them and appreciating the colors.


My Favorite Outfit is a fashion feature created by students in The Bee's Teens in the Newsroom program. If you'd like to be featured in the Buzzz section wearing your favorite outfit, call 578-2358 or e-mail

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