My Favorite Outfit

09/16/2009 6:33 PM

09/16/2009 7:05 PM


We are animated people all the time, whether it be telling jokes and acting it out, or randomly breaking into a dance; we like to wear comfortable clothes that we can move around easily in.

Graduate, Enochs High School

Shirt and Jeans: This is one of my favorite tops because I can never go wrong with black. I usually wear jeans, because just like the black shirt, it matches pretty much almost anything.

Shoes: Vans to me have always been cool and always will be.

Hat: I wore that hat because it suits my 'laid-back' style. I also got it custom made with my nickname on the side, 'Commodore.'

Watch: I never take this watch off even if I have a tan line under it on my wrist. I always have it on me.


Graduate, Enochs High School

Shirt: This is the shirt I chose to wear because I love plaid design.

Jeans: These are my favorite jeans because black skinny jeans are so cute to me! I can dress them up way classy or dress them down depending on my mood. They also match almost everything I own.

Shoes: Vans are timeless. I wear them with jeans, skirts, and even dresses!

Earrings: I wear big earrings because they match my big hair!

Chastity ring: My chastity ring and my rosary ring represent who I am and most definitely what I believe in!

Bracelet: My best friend made me this bracelet. I wore it because friendship is always a cool thing to 'sport.'

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