August 6, 2009

My Favorite Outfit (08/06/09)

Diana (Tina) Kim
Modesto High School

SHIRT: I made this shirt. I splattered paint on it, then I painted a pink ribbon, which stands for the support to finding a cure for breast cancer.

BRACELET: My best friend Cynthia got his charm locket bracelet for me and filled a picture of memories we shared in every locket.

SHOES: I love my Air Jordan Ones and I love the person who got them for me on my 16th birthday. My friends can spot me from a mile away because they're so bright.

HEADBAND: I like wearing this handkerchief as a headband because it's Cheetah-licious.

JEANS: I got these ripped jeans at American Eagle. It didn't have enough ripped holes, so I made more. It looks like I fell but I really didn't.

Sennica Koung
Modesto High School

SHIRT: This is my favorite shirt because it's so bright that the color just pops. I like to tie the side because it was the only size I found.

SUNGLASSES: I got these sunglasses at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I went there for a conference, so they remind me of a fun time.

SANDALS: I got these sandals on the Fourth of July when I went shopping with my sister because the lake we wanted to go to was closed after we got off work.

PURSE: My little sister got me this Betsy Johnson purse for my 18th birthday. I tied these ribbons on the handle because my aunt used them to wrap my graduation gift and I really liked them.

SHORTS: These Abercrombie shorts were the first shorts that I got for the summer. I like them because they pretty much go with anything.

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