My Favorite Outfit (05/14/09)

05/14/2009 3:25 AM

05/14/2009 3:31 AM

Junior, Enochs High School

NECKLACE: My boyfriend gave me this for Christmas and I haven't gone a day without it. It's simple and goes with everything.

BRACELETS: The white one with the purple beads was from my best friend when she went to Mexico for her missions trip. As for the colorful one: One day, I was making a bracelet just like it and so my boyfriend decided to make one for me. I think it's cute, and I wear it every day.

SHIRT: I love the laces on the back. And it's a fun color, too, that makes me look tan. This shirt is perfect for summer.

RINGS: My claddagh was given to my mother by my biological father when they were in high school and she passed it down to me. My arrow ring was given to me by my close family friend.

JEANS: These jeans are my best friend's, but I love them because they are so comfy and yet very cute.

SHOES: I love flats. These ones have a cute little bow, and you can dress them up or down.

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