November 22, 2007

Teen Hall of Fame: Sarah Blom

Sarah has gained international status.

Last summer, she traveled to Germany as part of an international student exchange program. She resided in the foreign country with her host family for three weeks. This experience was very influential.

"I learned a lot about how people over there live," Sarah said.

She even made some new friends.

"I'm still in touch with my host family and definitely plan on going again next year," she said.

Sarah also has been on the receiving end of the program. Every October for the past two years, she and her family have housed an exchange student from Japan. The exchange students stayed with them for a week, just enough time to get a feel for what living in America is like for the average teenager. Despite the distance, they have still kept in contact via letters.

Sarah is involved in several school activities, including serving as secretary for her school's chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. She plans to major in business in college.

She is involved in Link Crew, California Scholarship Foundation and Interact Club. Interact Club is a charity group whose future plans involve helping out at a soup kitchen this winter.

She also has been the ASB president for her school's leadership program for the past two years.

"I love going to leadership and my job as president," she said.

Sarah has been cheerleading for the past four years. At her school, she is the varsity cheer captain and a junior coach for a cheering program called Power Cheer.

On top of all of her extracurricular activities and traveling, Sarah has still managed to maintain a

3.8 grade point average.

PARENTS: Scott and Kathleen Blom, Kelly and Steve Gilbertson

SIBLINGS: Brett Blom, 19

HOBBIES: Cheerleading, traveling and spending time with friends

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My leadership teacher, Mrs. Moriano. She taught me not just a lot about leadership, but also a lot about life.

LAST BOOK YOU READ FOR PLEASURE: "Message in a Bottle," by Nicholas Sparks. I read it on my flight home from Germany.

FAVORITE MOVIE: "Sweet Home Alabama"

FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS: Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift

BIGGEST FEAR: Not living up to my own expectations

WHAT I'D TELL THE PRESIDENT: I know you get very little credit, so thank you for everything you do right.

ADVICE FOR KIDS: Make wise decisions in your life because they will affect your future.

ADVICE FOR ADULTS: I know you care about your kids, but you can sometimes be overprotective. Remember, kids are innocent until proven guilty.

Where I'll be In 10 years: Graduated from San Diego State and pursuing a career in the business field.


To nominate a student, call 578-2310 or visit

The Teen Hall of Fame honoree receives a gift certificate worth $25 provided by the Modesto Teachers Association, a $50 check from E.&J. Gallo Winery, movie tickets from Dr. Randy Winter with the Modesto Arts Medical Group, a gift card from Yogurt Mill and bowling passes from Yosemite Lanes.

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