November 20, 2013 12:00 AM

Albanian Adventure: Central Valley teen on trip to sing, experience the culture

My first impression was of the traffic. Everyone was honking at one another, cars were changing lanes seemingly randomly, turn signals were the exception rather than the rule, and everyone seemed to have the right of way, all at the same time. I have seen bicycles pedaling down the freeway while livestock is herded along the side, buses doing U-turns in entirely arbitrary places, and Gypsies begging in the middle of the road with one hand outstretched and the other holding a baby, their eyes silently challenging the passing cars. Oh, so you want to cross the street but don’t see a crosswalk? No problem, jaywalking is the national sport. I sincerely believe you have not had the full Albanian experience until you have almost been hit by a speeding car.

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