August 11, 2010

Teen Hall of Fame: Demsina Babazadeh

She's got the smarts, the drive, the intuition, but most important, she's got the heart. Demsina is the whole package. She is a graduate of Turlock Christian and was her senior class valedictorian.

Demsina started volunteering at the pediatrics center at Emanuel Medical Center when she was just a freshman. She has since given more than 1,800 hours of community service.

While at Turlock Christian, Demsina was the president of God Uses My Personality Club (GUMP Club), a spirit club that helps promote school events. Her job was to gather students and publicize games, rallies and other events. She was also student body president. She also played volleyball and basketball while at school.

Since kindergarten, Demsina hasn't missed a day of school. Which is why this year, she was awarded a perfect attendance award.

Last year, Demsina participated in Leadership Academy in Modesto and the Teen Advisory Council in Turlock. She also participated in the National Society of High School Scholars. Demsina always has been well-liked by her peers and is always determined to accomplish her goals. She achieved a 4.24 GPA this year, the highest you can get at Turlock Christian.

When she was in the sixth grade, Demsina's father had open-heart bypass surgery. This opened Demsina's eyes to the medical field. She discovered that her dream was to help others and become a pediatric cardiologist, combining her passion of the medical field and her love for children. She is proud of the fact that she is a first-generation American and is thankful to her parents for pushing her.

She says she owes all her blessings and accomplishments to God, who she says will always be No. 1 in her life and has always guided and directed her toward the right path.


HOBBIES: Playing the piano, sports, volleyball and biking

SIBLING: Adorina Babazadeh, 12

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: My parents, Romina and Atoore Babazadeh

LAST BOOK I READ FOR PLEASURE: "A Bend In the Road," by Nicholas Sparks


FAVORITE MOVIE: "Vantage Point"

BIGGEST FEAR: Not achieving my goals, because I'm a very goal-oriented person.

WHAT I'D TELL THE PRESIDENT: Don't give up, keep pushing, because giving up won't do anything.

ADVICE FOR KIDS: Set your goals really high so in case you don't achieve them, you'll still be higher than your previous expectations.

ADVICE FOR ADULTS: Push your kids.

WHERE I'LL BE IN 10 YEARS: Hopefully done with school and working at Stanford Hospital, and maybe starting a family.

— Pauline Cepeda, Teens in the Newsroom

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