March 25, 2009

My favorite outfit

Junior, Enochs High School

Interviewed by
Louise Ramos, Teens in the Newsroom

Vest: I love wearing vests because you can button or unbutton them and it makes the outfit much cuter.

Headband: The headband shows some of my “hippie-ness,” as my friends call it. It changes up my hairstyle when I get sick of the same stuff.

Purple shirt: One of my best friends and I share clothes, and this is one of our favorite shirts! Again, I love the lace, and purple is one of my favorite colors. I also love the baby-doll style because its not too big, but loose and comfortable.

Ring: This is my purity ring for my religion. It reminds me every day to stay true.

Pac Sun Jeans: These are my favorite pants from one of my favorite stores. I wear them almost every day because they’re super comfy and you can dress them up or down!

Necklace: This necklace brings out my “vintage” style side. I like big, fat necklaces that are colorful like this one!

Shoes: I love flats; they’re comfortable and the white lace makes it look like spring. I love spring!

Bracelet: One of my other best friends made this for me. We both like making things and we usually make the woven bracelets in class during school!

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