Vital Statistics

April 6, 2014

Stanislaus County Dissolutions

WRIGHT, Joseph and Carla

WRIGHT, Joseph and Carla

SERRANO, Abel and Amanda

URRUTIA, Andrew and BAQUIRAN, Guia

HISKEL, Talal and ODEESHO, Vayolet

NELSON, Sandra and Travis

GRAJERA, Carrie and John

LOPEZ, Anthony and MORAN, Molly

RAMIREZ, Geneva and Abraham

SAMPLEY, Priya and Matthew

HITCH, Denise and Dennis

LANDEROS, Alex and Wendi

BLANCO, Guillermina and Filimon

GASTELO, Beatrice and PADILLA, Francisco

CHAPMAN, Nicole and David

ALANIZ, Karina and Eduardo

CAIN, Laura and Michael

MURRAY, Lisa and Richard

DAVIS, Susan and Jeff

PINKIS, Patricia and Gary

COSTA, Marisa and Manuel

NICKLAS, Gina and Judson

LARIOS, Claudia and ZUNIGA, Rodrigo

AVILA, Nairoby and BARBA, Julio

PRUSSO, Rosa and Ruben


ROMO, Cynthia and SHELDON, Mathew

COLON, Carlos and Delia

SUTTON, Jessika and Eric

SILVA, Stefanie and Joseph

MONROE, Nathan and Elizabeth

SCHWARZ, Elizabeth and William

LAMAR, Lora and Robert

ORTEGA, Adela and Pedro

FLORES, Maria and RODRIGUEZ, Faustino

WARD, Shawna and Bryan

MATSON, Kyndal and Jacob

RAMIREZ, Yesenia and VALADEZ, Jose

WILSON, Brandon and Jaclyn

ESTREMERA, Paul and Azucena

HOWARD, Diana and Mitchell

NEVES, Frank and Chasity

WRIGHT, Crystal and Tom

KNITTEL, Jennifer and Joseph

LOUIS, Daniel and Lucy

AHRENHOLTZ, Mark and O’CONNOR, Virginia

WEST, Diedre and Mark

CARY, Nathan and KNIGHT-CARY, Erin

HAMPTON, Anita and Kevin

GONZALES, Lisa and Joe

POTTER, Kristie and Michael

BOTELLO, Jesse and PENA, Jazmin

GEVARGIZ, Sharokin and ESHAGH, Ninos

LIND, Gail and Peter

STREET, Edna and Bryant

TANG, Yaqing and WONG, Wing

DIAS, Kenneth and Laura

MONTERO, Amanda and BALL, Phillip

AFIZ, Renuka and Abdul

NICHOLSON, Priscilla and Kyle

YOUNG, William and Pamela

VILLEGAS, Alejandro and MURILLO, Elvia

TELLEZ, Jose and Kathryn

CERVANTEZ, Teresa and Robert

WYETH, Jeffrey and Leah

PALAFOX, Elvia and MARTINEZ, Rogelio

NIKOLAEV, Alexander and VOGEL, Nicole

DIAZ, Joshua and Rebecca

DAVALOS, Heather and PEREZ, Christian

SANCHEZ, Nallely and Gustavo

RANGEL, Francisco and Iveth

PIEDRA, April and Sean

SMITH, Angelique and Nick


CANNON, Randee and Justin

RUTSHCMAN, Ronald and Molly

RUTHERFORD, Rebekah and James

ELTAREB, Melony and Matt

PHELPS, Michael and Colleen

SHEPPARD, Gina and Andre

MELENDREZ, Sunny and DANIEL, Richard

ABEJAR, Rochelle and Joseph

SMITH, Lisa and Dustin

SORIANO, Robert and MARTINEZ, Elizabeth

TAFOYA, Salvador and Nancy

FLORES, Agustin and Natalie

KIRKES, Nicole and Kyle

MASON, Lorna and Michael

LAFFOON, Lisa and Tim

CLEMENTS, Denise and Roy

GARCIA, Matilde and RODRIGUEZ, Angel

CAIN, Marvin and SANCHEZ, Christina

DONAHUE, Devonne and SHERWIN, Skyler

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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