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The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center and Emanuel Medical Center. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center, do not provide the information. Families can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section. For information, call (209) 578-2178.



Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

Sept. 11

BIGELOW-GRANILLO: Jeana and Benito Granillo, Patterson, boy

MALONE: Carrie and Ryan, Stockton, girl

LIZON: Aimee and Matthew Alexander, Modesto, girl

MORAN: Samantha and Jennifer, Modesto, girl

CREE: Crystal and Jason Palmer, Tracy, girl

Sept. 12

ECHOLS: Samantha and David Seitz, Stockton, boy

WALLACE, Randi and Roger Osburn III, Modesto, boy

Sept. 13

LARA-MENDOZA: Ariana and Marin Vazquez, Modesto, girl

MACHADO: Gina and Steven, Escalon, boy

VAZQUEZ: Zamira and Jorge Perez, Newman, girl

MEDINA: Sarai and Miguel, Modesto, boy

MORRIS: Raquel and Timothy, Modesto, boy

Sept. 14

ENGLISH: Shauntae and Brian, Tracy, boy

HUTTO: Elizabeth and Nicholas, Manteca, boy

SMITH: Julie and Andrew, Oakdale, boy

SUPINGER: Angela and Brian, Stockton, girl

BUTLER: Caitlin and Matthew Forbes, Tracy, boy

VALENZUELA: Victoria and Tommy Wages, Ceres, boy

Sept. 15

LUGATIMAN: Dimple and Barry Roberts, Modesto, boy

MARROQUIN: Alejandra and Christian, Modesto, girl

CRUZ: Annadesa and Gregory, Stockton, girl

BANUELOS: Nicole and Oscar, Modesto, girl

CHAVEZ: Rachel and Johnny Chavez II, Modesto, boy

THEALL: Maria and Stephen Theall II, Tracy, boy

HARLAN: Tahina and Tyrone Mahan, Stockton, boy

SHAMOON: Ator and Robert Simon, Modesto, boy

Sept. 17

CALDERON: Natalie and Jose Araiza, Tracy, girl

Sept. 18

SANDOVAL: Johanna and Alvaro Garcia, Modesto, girl

MENDIOLA: Kristina and Robert Hernandez, Tracy, boy

WILKINSON: Elizabeth and Joshua, Modesto, boy

HARGETT: Ashlie and Timothy Green, Ripon, girl

Sept. 19

HELWER: Gwendoline and Samuel, Stockton, boy

FRANCO: Jenny and Roman Trujillo, Turlock, boy

HOUT: Kimberly and Sokha, Stockton, boy

Sept. 20

BUNGUM: Brittany and Matthew, Riverbank, girl

ROGERS: Jennifer and Leslie, Tracy, girl

ANGELES: Nicole and Ernesto, Stockton, boy

Sept. 21

WATJE: Stacey and Ryan, Turlock, girl

BUCHMILLER: Traci and Kenny, Lodi, boy

ROWLAND: Angeline and Robert, Tracy, girl

SU: Mary and Andy, Modesto, girl

CHAMBERLAIN: Melissa and Steven Graham Shults, Ione, girl

Sept. 23

ALBERT: Michelle and Matthew, Manteca, boy

COLE: Jaime and David, Valley Springs, boy

DOUD: Andrea and Jeffery, Modesto, girl

VASQUEZ: Tess and Miguel, Riverbank, girl

FRYE: Jenny and Charles, Stockton, girl

MANNEY MOORE: Ayesha and Philip Moore, Modesto, girl

PALMA: Rosa and Jaime Martinez, Manteca, boy

Sept. 24

JENSEN: Jennifer and Geoffrey, Manteca, boy

Sept. 27

LOPEZ: Elizabeth and Roberto Rodriguez, Turlock, boy

YOEUTH: Savorn and Yoeuy, Stockton, girl

VASCHE: Alisha and Shaun, Modesto, girl

Sept. 28

MEDRANO: Guadalupe and Ernie, Oakdale, girl

GARIBAY: Gabriela and Victor, Modesto, girl

Sept. 29

CASTIBLANCO: Heather and Jhon, Turlock, boy

MUSICH: Cynthia and Brian, Manteca, boy

Sept. 30

STEPHENS: Tahnee and Bradley, Modesto, boy

RODRIGUEZ: Maria and Antonio Briseno, Tracy, boy

Oct. 1

NAVIA: Nataly and Desiderio Lopez III, Modesto, boy

JUAREZ: Marina and Antonio Horta Jr., Stockton, boy

DAVIS: Vanessa and Douglas, Riverbank, boy

JOSEPH: Juli and Thomas Matthew, Manteca, girl

LOPEZ: Maria and Juan, Modesto, boy


Emanuel Medical Center

Sept. 12

DE LA CRUZ: Irma, Keyes, boy

SOTO: Martha and Cesar Alvarez, Waterford, boy

CHAN: Melissa, Turlock, boy

Sept. 13

ARGYLE: Shannon and Ryan, Turlock, boy

Sept. 15

DOMINGOS: Stephanie and Jonathan, Hilmar, boy

TORRES: Isela, Turlock, boy

COZINE: Rosana, Stevinson, girl

Sept. 16

GARCIA: Maria and Felipe, Turlock, boy

QUALLS: Melissa, Turlock, girl

CARBAJAL: Corina and Aaron Bartlett, Delhi, boy

Sept. 17

CASTILLO: Elena and Martin Quezada, Cressey, boy

MARTINEZ: Murryah, Denair, girl

GARCIA: Hilda and Andy Ortiz, Livingston, girl

YANG: Mary and Mua Zong, Turlock, girl

GARCIA: Stepahnie and Jose, Turlock, boy

Sept. 18

PULLIAM: Alicia, Turlock, boy

Sept. 19

MAYER: Katrina and Kevin, Turlock, boy

GARCIA: Michelle and Martin, Turlock, girl

SMITH: Brandie, Delhi, boy

Sept. 20

VANCE: Rachael, Turlock, girl

SILVA: Amanda, Hilmar, girl

MARTINEZ: Maria, Turlock, boy

TOWLER: Tahnaia, Hughson, girl

RANDAZZO: Correnna, Atwater, boy

Sept. 21

MESA: Cathy, Turlock, girl

Sept. 23

CARBAJAL: Perla and Cesar Gomez, Newman, girl

MIRANDA: Rosa and Simon Hermiz, Modesto, girl

COTA: Amanda and Glaucio, Hilmar, boy

VASQUEZ: Destiny, Livingston, boy

MIRANDA: Elvira and Jose, Delhi, boy

ARIAS: Jennifer, Modesto, boy

LAURENCIANO: Glorianne and Mark, Turlock, boy

AREYAN: Mariana and Luis, Livingston, boy

GARCIA: Beatriz, Turlock, boy

GUTIERREZ: Teresa and Jose, Atwater, girl

NERY: Mayra, Denair, girl

Sept. 24

FILLMAN: Kristi and Matthew, Turlock, boy

CASTILLO: Brenda and Fernando Arroyo, Turlock, girl

DIAZ: Karmina, Turlock, girl

Sept. 25

AMADOR: Kayla and Blake, Turlock, boy

HARINGSMA: Jennifer, Turlock, boy

Sept. 26

CANDIDA: Reis, Crows Landing, boy

Sept. 27

DANIELS: Amanda and Peter Theoktistou, Patterson, girl

MADRIGAL: Veronica, Livingston, girl

Sept. 28

PONCE CHAVEZ: Wendy and William Flores, boy

Sept. 29

AVILLA: Lauren and Robert, Turlock, girl

Sept. 30

VAN FOEKEN: Alisa and Kurtis, Hilmar, boy

PRICE: Amanda and Wayne, Delhi, boy

REYNOLDS: Jessica, Modesto, boy

VALDIZION: Kenia and Jose Vasquez, Turlock, girl

ROBLES: Mariana, Turlock, boy

Oct. 1

GARCIA: Yesenia and Alexis Meza, Oakdale, boy

HOTHI: Amandeep and Parmdeep, Modesto, boy

Oct. 2

MORAN: Daisy and Julian, Turlock, boy

KENT: Nicole and Ted, Turlock, boy

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