Vital Statistics

October 6, 2013


GOLAWAY, Deborah and Andrew

GOLAWAY, Deborah and Andrew

AGUILAR, Rachel and Juan

PARKER, Andrea and Eugene

ADIGA, Shree and Binita

FLOOD, Michael and Megan

RODRIGUEZ, Jackeline and Adrian

GARCIA, Adela and Adolfo

MACKAN, Leticia and Eduardo

COPPENS, Lisa and John

MYHRE, Kim and Curtis

SANDOVAL, Richard and Yvonne

EN, Lena and AYALA, Frank

SARAVILLA, Jeanette and GALLEGOS, Adolfo

HUNTER, Rickey and Ronda

TURNER, Gina and GUSMAN, Nicolas

OLVERA, Maria and CORTEZ, Filiberto

JIMENEZ, Sonia and Antonio

NIXON, Alyssa and Steven

POWELL, Mark and Cyndee

TASCON, Francisco and MENESES, Myriam

SHOKRANI, Maryam and NICOKAR, Masoud

ROBINSON, Melissa and Rujhn

BROCK, Stella and Clint

BRANSCOM, Pamela and Davis

LORAH, Rita and CHURCH, Anthony

TAPIA, Teresa and Rogelio

ARAUJO, Ruth and Victor

WHITLOCK, Jackie and Doug

CHADHA, Adarsh and RAJ, Paul

LAMB, Joey and Russell

HOOKER, Deanna and James

MYERS, Kelly and Adam

PADRON, Maria and Jose

GREWAL, Bhupinderjit and Sarbjit

MANNING, David and Stacie

Source: Stanislaus County Court

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