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August 15, 2014


Mojica, Erica and Barba, Ruben, Aug. 4

Mojica, Erica and Barba, Ruben, Aug. 4

Lopez, Anna and Jesus, Aug. 4

Prem, Vuthy and Nget, Phaley, Aug. 4

Noriega, Byanka and Noriega, Conrado, Aug. 4

Meza, Josephine and Ramon, Aug. 4

Minjares, Eduarda and Gilbert, Aug. 4

Terronez, Anna and Ulloa, Raul, Aug. 4

Mendoza, Ricardo and Guadalupe, Aug. 4

Haro, Fernando and Rigoza, Marisela, Aug. 5

Carr, Kelly and Gregory, Aug. 5

Aitken, Debra and Thomas, Aug. 5

Bartlett, Jennifer and Jason, Aug. 5

Moua, Peter and Chia, Aug. 5

Burguette, Zeus and Adrianna, Aug. 5

Welch, Karen and John, Aug. 5

Matlock, Jason and Karmen, Aug. 6

Ponseca, Carlos and Teresa, Aug. 6

Dannenbrink, Agustin and Felicia, Aug. 6

Chavez, Agustin and Rosa, Aug. 6

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