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June 13, 2014

Divorces June 2-6

Padilla, Edward and Edith, June 3.

Padilla, Edward and Edith, June 3.

Lopes, Irene and Jose, June 3.

Berg, Raymond and Annie, June 3.

Cortez, Jaime and Danny, June 3.

Fearnside, Kelsia and Christopher, June 3.

Orozco, Jose and Guerrero, Nancy, June 3.

Arismendez, Reyes and Garcia, Nidia, June 3.

Hurtado, Patricia and Lopez, Federico, June 3.

Sims, Sofia and Marc, June 3.

Smith, Joseph and Marilyn, June 3.

Reyes, Patricia and Lugue, Sergio, June 3.

Farrington, Melissa and Bobby, June 3.

Aguilar, Neftali and Garcia, Luciana, June 3.

Oseguera, Rosa and Nieto, Gerardo, June 3.

Cardenas, Valente and Cazares, Rosa, June 3.

Diaz, Yolanda and Sandoval, Jesus, June 3.

Carillo, Sugeira and Ramiro, June 3.

Schaible, Darlene and Curt, June 3.

Costley, Ariel and Derrick, June 3.

Schwartz, Ryan and Elizabeth, June 3.

Arteagas, Ana and Cantu, Wilbert, June 3.

Brown, Sylvia and John, June 3.

Fernandez, Lizette and Ramirez, Richard, June 3.

Brizuela, Maria and Chavez, Jose, June 3.

Jaramillo, Maria and Jose, June 3.

Blais, April and Robert, June 5.

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