Marriage licenses (4/26/14)

04/25/2014 3:41 PM

04/25/2014 8:12 PM

Samuel McKee and Jamie Guerrero, Merced, April 8

Janice Olson and Michael Beltran, Atwater, April 8

Angelica Martinez and Joel Ortega Jr., Atwater, April 8

Samantha Jones, Winton and Christian Benavidez, Merced, April 8

Gurcharan Singh and Palwinder Kaur, Livingston, April 9

Richard Mancha and Dina Irene Barajas, Merced, April 9

Stacey Stockton and Edward Diehl II, Los Banos, April 9

Alvaro Mariscal and Maria Lopez, Turlock, April 10

Kevin McCartney and Sandra Jones, Atwater, April 10

Dario Lopez and Brenda Felix, Los Banos, April 11

Richard Norman and Vanessa Salvatierra, Los Banos, April 11

Ashley Hall and Daniel Seidel, Los Banos, April 11

David Kalua Adams and Tiffany Noguera, Atwater, April 11

Cristal Nunez-Ramirez and Jorge Romero-Ramirez, Merced, April 11

Gilbert Cisneros and Veronica Martinez, Atwater, April 11

Oscar Ramirez Campos and Sonia Martin Tostado, Dos Palos, April 14

Alfonso Flores and Elia Aida Maradiaga Cavallero, Los Banos, April 14

Jennifer Riley and Jose Aldaz, Los Banos, April 14

Emma Zavala-Tapia and Jose Guerrero-Orozco, Los Banos, April 14

Adrianna Quintanilla and Lawrence Rushin, Merced, Merced, April 14

Rosa Salazar and Pedro Valdez Martinez, Livingston, April 14

Francisco Ruvalcaba Jr. and Mayra Monico Garcia, Chowchilla, April 14

Adam Blauert and Andrea Crisp, Merced, April 14

Pravjyot Chauhan and Kulwinder Chauhan, Livingston, April 14

Julio Vega-Mondragon and Salud Padilla, Los Banos, April 14

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