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May 27, 2013

WorkWise Blog Tip: From cover letter to thank-you letter

Kelli Bhattacharjee maintains that, after a job search’s best laid plan, you can find an excuse to chuckle (

She recommends beginning with a good cover letter, “an opportunity to introduce yourself and brag about how wonderful you are.”

Self-promoting isn’t in. Blowing your horn is. Let the music reach the ears of your reader.

“It should be so strong that even your ex will have second thoughts,” Bhattacharjee points out.

Be careful when you plan your interview clothes. Aid your cause by buying a new outfit to make an excellent first impression.

“Even if the interview is a flop,” she says, “you at least have a cute new outfit to wear.”

But be sure to check that you’ve made a good decision by asking a person who’s impartial to give you the dirt on your image. “By the way,” Bhattacharjee adds, “your mom is not an impartial person."

Thank with a thank-you note, graciously, she suggests, even if the interview was a nightmare. She mentions that the recipient will “have no idea you may be rolling your eyes as you write it.”

Finally, “accept rejection maturely,” she advises. “You can always stalk the employer on Facebook later.”

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