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May 20, 2013

WorkWise Blog Tip: Would you believe?

Alan Robbins and three other managers, on speaker-phone, were interviewing an applicant for six figures ( The interview progressed until it became clear that the candidate was at McDonald’s, driving through, with an order large enough to feed a starving bull.

They let him pay for the food, Robbins says, and asked, “Didn't you think this interview important enough to delay eating for ten minutes?”

Preparing to charm, the man replied, “I'm trying to show you how effectively I can multi-task.”

This software CEO with an anemic business wanted to be a developer. His previous employer had accused him of intellectual property theft. “The company’s products seemed similar to what’s on his company’s web site,” Robbins explains.

“So it sounds like you stole software from your previous employer, started your company with it and want to work for us just long enough either to steal our software or make enough money to work for yourself,” Robbins summarized. “While you're working for us, you'll be working on your company, probably on our dime. Does that sum it up?”

“Well, yeah,” he replied, followed by a long pause and this: “I'm not going to get the job, am I?”

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