WorkWise BlogTip: Bringing baby to work not likely to be appropriate

05/06/2013 12:10 AM

05/06/2013 12:14 AM


Gina Beckman relates tales of people who presented themselves as lost causes to employers ( One woman thought, apparently, that the company might celebrate Bring-Your-Daughter/Son-To-Work-Day; so she brought her baby. (Can’t imagine a man doing this, can you?)

Then there was the woman who mentioned she was “family-oriented.” Beckman mentions that the candidate thought it “a fabulous idea that exemplified unwavering commitment to children and home. Well, she was right except for the fabulous idea part.”

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with any of this if you know the company has a nursery and encourages employees to bring their children. There’s also nothing wrong with indicating you’re pro-family, particularly if the company sells a product or service that’s family-oriented. But as Beckman implies, your clever strategies need to be appropriate to the organization.

How can you find out if this is the case? Do your homework. Some companies may claim to be family-oriented but expect employees to meet all commitments at work, even if that means sacrificing an upcoming piano recital or soccer match. Scour websites and talk to people familiar with the company.

However, you still might want to leave your baby home.

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