WorkWise BlogTip: Sense of humor can go a long way

02/18/2013 12:10 AM

02/18/2013 12:15 AM


Jane Blume was interviewing for a job at a software development firm ( She drove to an unfamiliar location without the aid of GPS, which hadn’t become standard. Finally, she was driving on the correct street.

It was almost as if the company were playing cat-and-mouse with her, “because,” Blume says, “the building and office numbers weren’t visible. I don't even think there was a sign on the company's front door!” Finally, she found the building.

Once inside the reception area, she commented to a tall man who happened to be walking by, “Anyone who’s able to find this place deserves to be interviewed."

Well, the man wasn’t just any man. He was her interviewer, the company president. She kept herself focused on the interview, aced it and nailed the job. Where was the match for the job in this cheeky applicant?

“It turns out that he had a good sense of humor,” she remarks. “I also found out later that he was very collegial and open to suggestions from employees.” So, did he relocate the company?

No, but he ultimately relocated Blume. “I got into several different areas and was assigned some very interesting projects,” she comments, “including automating the billing and the payroll.”

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