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November 10, 2012

WorkWise Blog Tip: Rat-a-tat-tat

Unemployed, Brooke Allen really wanted a job ( Many people he knew were also out of work. A friend sent him to a brokerage, where he thought quickly on his feet, meeting every objection the interviewer had.

“I hope we aren’t wasting your time,” the interviewer said, “but we have no jobs. There is a hiring freeze.”

“You have no work?” Allen rejoined. Yes, but short-term, for consultants. Allen wasn’t incorporated. After the man left for a meeting, Allen picked up the telephone, with the man’s permission, whipped out his credit card and paid $240 to be incorporated.

When the man came back, Allen handed him his Federal Tax ID number and gave him the name of his company. Gaining approved-vendor status would take months. Allen called an approved vendor, a friend, and presto! became an approved sub-contractor.

Could this enterprising applicant do the job? Allen said he’d work for a month, gratis, if the man didn’t like his work. His payment would be learning what the man wanted. (Then, of course, he’d do it.) Next hoop: salary. He wanted $100 per hour to the company’s $87.50, adding that he’d take $25 for the chance to work.

Not just “hired,” he was paid.

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