We don't know what we're eating

11/08/2012 7:31 PM

11/08/2012 7:33 PM

Let's get these facts straight: 70 percent of the food found in most grocery stores is genetically modified in some way or another. That's right, 70 percent. Most of the genetically modified food is not labeled.

There are these pigs that have human genes modified and put into them, and if they are not good enough, or have an unhealthy heart or liver or anything like that, are sent straight to the slaughterhouse, where they, of course, get killed and made into bacon or other pork products. Then, after it gets processed, it gets sent to the market, in which an unsuspecting man or woman picks it up and cooks it, then eats it.

We are talking about pretty much cannibalism here. It is suspected that 16 percent (possibly more) of the pork in pork products are genetically modified. Do you know how disgusting that is? They're turning us into cannibals practically! Many of you, I believe, did not care, since Proposition 37 did not pass. Without these labels, it will leave us all in the dark about what we are eating.


8th-grader, Hickman Charter School


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