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October 25, 2012

FPPC awaits group's response on names of $11 million donors

The Fair Political Practices Commission will decide today whether to pursue its lawsuit against an opaque Arizona-based nonprofit that recently gave $11 million to fight Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative and support an effort to curb union dues collection.

The state's campaign finance watchdog asked Americans for Responsible Leadership to provide transaction records by Wednesday afternoon. The group did not meet that deadline but indicated it may respond overnight after securing a Sacramento-based attorney, FPPC Chairwoman Ann Ravel said.

The FPPC intends to file suit and seek a court hearing today if the group does not provide details as requested. Brown and watchdog organizations have accused the Arizona group of laundering contributions to hide their origin.

Americans for Responsible Leadership donated $11 million this month to the Small Business Action Committee. That group is fighting Brown's Proposition 30 and supporting Proposition 32, which would limit use of employee contributions for political purposes.

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