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10/22/2012 1:39 AM

10/22/2012 1:45 AM


Stephen Bennett and Garrett Cluff decided they really wanted tech support interfacing with small-business clients at Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. They wanted it badly.

They also wanted to apply as a team. Now, that’s novel. Any ol’ resume wouldn’t do, but standing out isn’t easy in the industry. How would they get the founders’ attention?

They planned. They wrote a script. They practiced – lines and gestures. They bought t-shirts with the company’s designs. The big day came and they both stared, grinning naturally into the camera. Check their YouTube resume to see how it turned out (

Living in San Diego, they weren’t ready for Hollywood, but they weren’t applying there either. They aced their Skype interviews and packed up to go.

How could their method work for you? If you’re worried about age discrimination or if your industry is low-tech, their gig might not fit the employer you target.

Think about the channels the employer uses to communicate. Imagine communicating that way. How about emailing an ad filled with the benefits of hiring you and references to the company? Not an option?

Research. Imagine. Create.

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