WorkWise BlogTip: Some applicants purely comical

09/09/2012 5:40 PM

09/09/2012 5:45 PM


David Jacobs has used ads over the years to draw applicants (

“We've seen some truly comical inquiries,” he remarks. “In addition to the desired catch, one pulls in everything known to man.”

Some people rely on others to help. One man did all right solo prior to negotiation, when he presented his wife. Another man parked his three children in the lobby who, in a fit of personal expression, crayon-ed the walls. Then there was the gang leader who wasn’t quite ready to go it alone. With stitches on his face and tattoos and piercings visible everywhere, he arrived with Anthony, a seeming bodyguard.

Then there was the ad for a senior IT person who was to bring 20 years in the industry.

“The best ever was written in purple crayon on the back of a grocery bag,” Jacobs says, “sent from an inmate in state prison who was certain he'd learned to be a computer expert while in the Big House. He outranked the talk show host and the florist, both of whom sent résumés.”

Guess the florist and talk show host thought if they could input a résumé, they could do IT.

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