WorkWise Blog Tip: Mail advice for job seekers

06/06/2010 12:00 AM

06/05/2010 10:16 AM

Do you toss mail for employers into a slot within a post office or in a box outside without checking the postage?

A postal clerk who reads the column (and requested anonymity, for job security) wants you to know about the “sins” of job seekers that come back to haunt them.

OK. So you go to the counter. Do you expect the clerk to have X-ray vision through your envelope and see that you’ve put binder clips in it? Our informant says that mail packaged like this increases the likelihood of getting damaged.

“Mail moves at a very high speed through sorting machines by means of many sets of rollers,” the person explains.

“A binder clip will get jammed in the rollers,” she continues, “damaging the envelope and its contents. Anything else that creates a ‘bump’ in the envelope will also jam.”

Solve the problem with a padded envelope that just fits, not one that allows the contents to audition for “Dancing with the Stars,” says the adviser. Don’t let the contents stick out.

But, most important, asks our reader, “What do you think your chances of getting a job will be if your resume arrives postage due? See it all the time.” :(

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