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October 5, 2009

Meet the Candidate: Timm LaVelle, Turlock School Board Trustee

The following is a questionnaire sent out by The Bee to candidates for the November 2009 election. Candidates supplied the answers, and they are being published it their unedited form.

What is your full, legal name?

Timmothy Kevan LaVelle

What name do you prefer be used in print?

Timm LaVelle

What office do you seek?

Turlock School Board Trustee

What is the primary reason you are running for this office?

To work to give every child that comes to one our schools the tools they need to learn and succeed. During the past 8 years I have focused on providing the best education possible to the students in our District. I have continued the tradition of keeping our District fiscally sound and I have protected the Arts, Music, Sports and Agricultural programs by making them a priority for funding at a time when other districts were eliminating these programs. I understand the importance of a sound budget but I will not lose sight of the needs of our children and staff.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected?

To protect jobs, increase educational opportunities and to continue work on the Vocational Education center.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

My experience, education and proven leadership as a board member. My ability to work effectively with the administration, bargaining units and my fellow board members. Also having a Masters degree in Public Administration gives me a better understanding of governance.

Where do you work and what is your job title? (If retired, list position before retirement)

Small business owner providing accounting services

What date were you born and where?

April 20, 1959, Roswell, New Mexico

What is your spouse's name, if any?

Dolores Mika LaVelle

What are the names and ages of your children, if any?

Two children, ages 18 and 19

Please list the schools and colleges you attended, the degrees you attained and when.

CSU Chico – B.A. International Relations

CSU Stanislaus – Masters of Public Education

Have you ever held an elected or appointed public office? (Include dates and office title)

2001 to present Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees

Have you run before for an elected public office? (Include dates and exact office title)

Three elections to the Turlock School Board

Approximately how much money do you expect to spend on your campaign?


Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain and include dates and locations.


Have you or a business you owned or had principal interest in ever filed bankruptcy? If so, please include dates and the location the bankruptcy was filed.


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