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July 29, 2009

WorkWise Blog Tip: E-mailing

E-mailing is a fact of life at work and trying to get work, whether you bumble or rip through the keys. Of 250 executives interviewed by The Creative Group (, 80 percent reported e-mail bloopers.

One executive reported that an employee sent him his resume when he meant to send it elsewhere. Another employee e-mailed a job offer to the wrong applicant. Another broadcasted confidential salary information all over the company. Yet another e-mailed a nasty remark about his supervisor and shortly found himself without a job. Then there was the person who drafted an angry communication with a customer, planning not to send it. But he did.

These incidents tell you:

- Not to use e-mail at work to job hunt.

- To rehearse angry retorts in Word or WordPerfect, not e-mail.

- Verify addresses before you send anything out.

The Creative Group advises you not to "hit 'send' when you're seething" and beware of sending carbons or hitting "reply-all." In sensitive situations, don't put your distribution list in until after you've entered a message. You're more likely to say what you need to say and select the correct recipients whether you're job hunting or job keeping.

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