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April 11, 2009

Bear tales sell well at Modesto-area Christian bookstores

The faith-based Berenstain Bear books have been a big hit at area Christian bookstores, said store employees.

"We've already reordered them several times," said Kelly Spencer, general manager of Beardsley's Book & Bible in Modesto's McHenry Village.

"We're sold out except for one," said Amy Dabulewicz, a buyer for Family Bible Center in Turlock. "We sold out quickly, so we're reordering them.

"I enjoyed them," she said. "I got them for my cousins to read. I gave them 'The Golden Rule' and 'Going to Sunday School' because my cousins don't. I thought it would be an easy way to share.

"The Berenstain Bears are classic. It's hard to go wrong with them."

Lori Sims, a 31-year-old Modesto mom of Joshua, 7, and Abigail, 3, was shopping in Beardsley's last week and agreed. "I grew up reading (the Berenstain Bears), I liked them as a kid, and my kids enjoy reading them.

"I think (the faith-based books) are a good idea. As a Christian, I'd definitely buy these for my kids. I think it's good that they have the same characters in the stories."

Stacey Laitun, another 31-year-old mom, was shopping in Beardsley's with her two daughters -- Kyah, 3, and Addison, 3 months.

"I used to watch (the Berenstain Bears) on TV when I was little," she said. "And I had the books. The father bear was called Papa, and that was my grandfather's name; I had a special relationship with my Papa. There were also good morals to the stories.

"My mother saved all my books, so now my daughter has all of them. When she gets a little bit older, I'll get some (of the faith-based books). Anything that helps with the education part of (parenting) is good."

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