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January 18, 2009

Artist Profile: Keith D. Boggs - Multimedia

Age: 51

Type of artist: Oil-based pastels, chalk, crayon, pencils, charcoals, X-rays -- you name it!

Residence: Oakdale (rural Valley Home)

Daily job: Deputy executive officer in the Stanislaus County chief executive office

Family: Wife, Debra; children, Hans, Evan and Emma Claire

Background: I grew up in the Bay Area and moved to the valley to be near extended family in the early 1980s. I was involved in collage art and mural design early -- gravitated to oil-based pastels and multimedia pieces later in life.

Arts experience: Self-taught. It's an avenue to release stress and to do some free thinking.

Advice for young performers/artists: Just have fun. Rules are great, but they have their place. Often, the process is more fulfilling than the outcomes. It's OK to color outside the lines -- heck, remove the lines!

Favorite art: I really like the modernist/modern art modes. I like big -- the bigger, the better.

Life plans: Do great public work, use technology to inspire and change social injustices.

How do you reach people unfamiliar with the arts? I share my studio with visitors. Involve the casual artist with the joy of creation and creativity!

What would surprise people about your art? My lack of discipline. I live a very disciplined professional life. My art allows me to live on the other side now and then.

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