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November 20, 2008

Around The House

Become your own fabric designer with help from Spoonflower.


Become your own fabric designer with help from Spoonflower.

The online business ( lets you upload a design to be printed on cotton fabric, which you can use to make your own projects. Picture a throw pillow with your child's drawing, curtains adorned with photos from the Hubble telescope or a retro apron made from a scan of a vintage fabric.

Designs can be created using Photoshop or one of several free design programs. (Some are listed in the frequently asked questions section.) You can order an 8-by-8-inch swatch for $5, a 21-by-18-inch fat quarter for $11 or fabric yardage for $18 a yard, plus shipping.


In barely more than a decade in the business, Celerie Kemble has become an interior-design luminary. Now she's added a book to her list of accomplishments, "Celerie Kemble: To Your Taste." Kemble, the daughter of another well-known designer, Mimi McMakin, has developed a following among fans who love the way she blends modern and traditional styles. Her book demonstrates that flair and gives guidance on expressing personality through design.

In the book, Kemble introduces readers to the quirky but well-loved house where she grew up, a former Episcopal church that her mother decorated in exuberant style. She also shares her decorating preferences, helps readers sort out what they need and want in their own homes and offers tips — all accompanied by dozens of photos of homes she's designed.

"Celerie Kemble: To Your Taste" is published by Clarkson Potter and sells for $45 in hardcover.


The most defining feature of your kitchen isn't the clutter, is it? Well, the Black & Decker SpaceMaker Plus and Traditional lines can help you take care of that.

You can redecorate and reorganize with under-the-cabinet appliances, which include a coffee maker, mini food processor/grinder, can opener and toaster oven. This allows you to clear the kitchen countertop, giving you more space for cooking and entertaining.

Check out for more ways to simplify. The site offers interactive tools, feng shui tips for the kitchen, a counter-space calculator, and five experience sections that can help you choose appliances that suit you best.

SpaceMaker products are available at Target, K-mart and Sears stores.

Products are sold separately and start at $24.99 for the Traditional line and $29.99 for the Plus line.


Fire up that grill, and you stand a chance to win a $5,000 backyard makeover.

The Crisco Sprays Grilling Hall of Fame contest wants grill masters to share their favorite recipes for a chance to be one of the first inductees into the new Hall of Fame and win a backyard makeover.

To enter, you must share an original grilling recipe that incorporates a Crisco Cooking Spray (Original, Butter or Olive Oil); provide an image of the recipe; and include a brief essay, 250 words or fewer, explaining why you created the recipe and why you should be inducted into the Crisco Grilling Hall of Fame.

Recipes can be submitted through Dec. 15 at

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